Five Common Issues a Sewer Scope Inspection Can Reveal

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Most people prefer not to think about their sewer systems. As long as it’s working, there’s no need to stress about it, right? While it’s tempting to take an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to your waste management systems, that can be a recipe for a big disaster.

Five Common Issues a Sewer Scope Inspection Can Reveal

One way that homeowners can prevent issues is by scheduling a sewer scope inspection. This technique uses a small camera to investigate the condition of your sewage lines, and it can quickly identify common problems with your system, including:

  1. Tree Root Intrusion: One of the most common issues revealed during a sewer scope inspection is tree roots that have infiltrated the sewer lines. This can cause blockages and seepage, but getting an inspection done can help you stop the problem before it’s too late.
  2. Pipe Degeneration: Sewage pipes are commonly made from clay, cast iron, or PVC. Although these materials are strong, they’re not invulnerable, and they’ll eventually start to wear out. A sewer scope inspection can alert you to early signs of pipe deterioration and give you plenty of time to repair or replace them.
  3. Line Punctures: Sometimes, sewer lines can be punctured through activities like landscaping or construction. If you recently had major yard work or construction done, a sewer scope inspection can help ensure your pipes are safe.
  4. Misaligned Pipes: Your sewer pipes can reposition over time, either due to shifting dirt or poor installation. This problem can snowball into clogs, leaks, and other major issues if it’s not handled promptly.
  5. Clogs & Blockages: These are among the most common culprits of sewage system problems. If your toilet, drains, and other appliances that run into the sewage system start draining slowly or backing up, a sewage scope inspection can pinpoint the clogged area and help you take steps to remove the clog.

Our team is always happy to come to perform a sewer scope inspection for your home, so reach out today to get scheduled.