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A Better Inspection, LLC

Our team offers expert building inspection services to help you make the best decision about real estate purchases.

A Better Inspection, LLC

Welcome to A Better Inspection, LLC, where our experienced team provides high-quality inspection services. Since 2021, we’ve done 450+ inspections annually and invested over 600 hours in continuing education to stay up-to-date with building codes. You can count on us to be available for inspections within 48 hours (excluding Sundays). Trust us for reliable and thorough inspections.

Our Services

Our team will thoroughly examine every part of your building, including major structures, like the foundation and roof, as well as key systems, such as the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. We’ll let you know right away about any issues we find and help you determine the best way to address each issue. If you are considering buying the property in question, we can provide a recommendation on whether to go through with the deal, as well as give you a report on how soon you’d need to get various parts of the building repaired if you did agree to the purchase.

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Building Inspection

Why Choose Us?


Extensive Training

Our inspectors qualified for the job under the pre-June 2021 requirements, which means we are trained to a higher level than inspectors just coming into the market.


NACHI-Certified Professional Inspector

As a NACHI-certified inspector, we have completed over 700 hours of CEU.


Competitive Pricing

We offer high-quality inspection services at prices similar to or lower than other inspectors.

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Our team is proud to serve the community in Amarillo, Texas, and we want to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying a new home or business. If you need building inspection services, just give us a call to schedule a visit from our inspectors.

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