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Did you recently move into a home or building that came with a builder’s warranty? It is a good idea to have a warranty inspection performed shortly before your one-year warranty period expires. We typically recommend having an inspector come in 11 months after the start of your warranty, so we can identify any defects or issues with the property before the end of your warranty. This way, the builder or contractor can address these issues before your warranty ends.

Warranty Inspection in Amarillo, Texas

A warranty inspection typically covers all the major components of a property, including the HVAC system, electrical system, plumbing system, foundation, and roof, as well as the exterior and interior finishes. During your warranty inspection, we will put together a detailed report of any problems we found during the inspection. You can then present this report to the builder when requesting corrections or repairs prior to the end of your warranty period.

At A Better Inspection, LLC, we provide high-quality results and information when performing warranty and other types of home and building inspections. Since 2021, we have completed over 450 inspections every year, and this experience is a big part of what sets us apart here in the Amarillo, Texas area. We provide great customer service, and we do our part to stay on top of building codes and any changes made to them.

Having a warranty inspection performed before your warranty ends can help you protect your property and fix issues before they become your responsibility. To learn more about what a warranty inspection includes or to schedule an inspection, get in touch with us today.

At A Better Inspection, LLC, we perform warranty inspections in Amarillo, Bushland, Canyon, Lubbock, and Panhandle, Texas.