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A new construction inspection is a type of inspection conducted on newly built residential or commercial properties to ensure they have been constructed according to all applicable regulations, construction standards, and building codes. During a new construction inspection, we will evaluate all the various systems and components of the home or building, including the HVAC system, plumbing, electrical system, foundation, and roof.

New Construction Inspection in Amarillo, Texas

We will thoroughly examine the new building and document any deficiencies or safety hazards we identify, giving the builder or contractor a chance to correct them before the new homeowner or business owner moves in. A new construction inspection is a critical part of the building process because it ensures the property is constructed according to a high-quality standard and that it meets all applicable regulations and codes.

If you are looking for a building inspector who performs new construction inspections here in the Amarillo, Texas area, turn to us at A Better Inspection, LLC. We provide comprehensive inspections and will carefully evaluate all the major systems of a newly built property to preserve your interests and protect your investment.

We would be happy to tell you more about what happens during a new construction inspection and why this type of inspection is such an important part of the overall building process. To schedule a new building inspection or to learn more about this type of inspection, reach out to us today.

At A Better Inspection, LLC, we perform new construction inspections in Amarillo, Bushland, Canyon, Lubbock, and Panhandle, Texas.