How to Choose a Trustworthy Home Inspector

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In most cases, a home inspector is an unbiased third party called in during a real estate transaction to simply give their professional report on the condition of the house. However, just like with any profession, not every home inspector is created equal, and going with the wrong option can lead to major complications down the road.

How to Choose a Trustworthy Home Inspector

In Texas, there are three different levels of home inspectors: Apprentice Inspectors, Real Estate Inspectors, and Professional Real Estate Inspectors. According to the Texas Real Estate Commission, a Professional Real Estate Inspector must complete hundreds of hours of inspections, work under the supervision of a Professional Inspector for over a year, and pass a license exam. A home inspector of this level will have plenty of experience and the skills necessary to give you a thorough report of the property.

Another key feature of a good home inspector comes down to their reviews and recommendations. If any of your friends or family members have bought or sold a home recently, ask them what they thought about their home inspector. You can also go online to check out reviews of home inspectors in your area.

One thing you may want to avoid is choosing a home inspector based on your real estate agent’s suggestion. Even if the agent had good intentions, using a home inspector on their recommendation could create a conflict of interest for the inspector. It’s usually wise to choose someone unaffiliated with your agent altogether.

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